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Menu and beverages offer of ŠARIŠ PARK:

Our cuisine

ŠARIŠ PARK is here for you, that is to say, for anyone who likes to indulge in delicious food – for all gourmets of this world! Savouring quality food is the very reason you seek us. You may live round the corner; you may just be passing us on your long journey; you may even be from a distant land. Welcome to the Šariš region! Welcome to ŠARIŠ PARK! Let us show you the true flavour of our region! Genuine Šariš specialities, home-made pastry dishes, and original pig-killing feast delicacies await you all. Many of our dishes are served by no other kitchen or restaurant; these age-old recipes have been preserved right here in ŠARIŠ PARK. Needless to say, our meats are all home-made according to traditional recipes. The ingredients we use to prepare our delicious food are all bought exclusively in Slovakia. What is more, there is a great deal to choose from indeed! There is a range of more than 25 ready-made lunchtime menu meals on our daily offer. That said, the lunchtime offer includes such specialities as goose and duck dishes or a smoked pork knee. As for other advantages of eating at ŠARIŠ PARK, there is a spacious car park and free WiFi Internet access on the premises. Our staff is friendly, our service is fast, and we speak various languages.

With new meals under preparation, even our standard menu offers are getting ever so rich! New wines will be added to our wine list very soon! Taste the Šariš region – try the meals we prepare at ŠARIŠ PARK!

Selected pictures of our meals and specialities

hubová máčanka
Dezerty: vyprážaný ananás v palacinkovom cestíčku
bravčové koleno pečené predné s kosťou
Dezerty: ovocný koláč frutti di bosco
červené víno
sarisske bryndzove halusky so slaninkou
palacinky so šľahačkou
Hlavné múčne jedlá: domáce dukátové buchtičky s vanilkovým krémom
bravcovy ciernohorsky rezen s varenymi zemiakmi_detail
Hlavné mäsité jedlá: šovdra-domáca údená šunka so zemiakovým šalátom
Raňajky: hemendex so šunkou
Dezerty: višňovo-maková štrúdľa so šľahačkou, čokoládou a zmrzlinou
Špeciality podniku: tlačenka - detail
Polievky: paradajková polievka
barania rolka s kapustovymi strapackami
maďarský guláš

Photo gallery of our Restaurant rooms

You are most welcome in any of the following ŠARIŠ PARK Restaurant rooms:

The Shepherd’s Hut (up to 52 persons)
The Restaurant (up to 64 persons)
The Small Private Room (up to 12 persons)
maly salonik01
The Large Private Room (up to 26 persons)
velky salonik02
The Wine Cellar (up to 26 persons)
vinna pivnica01
The Timbered Chalet (up to 50 persons)
The Terrace (up to 86 persons)
letna terasa01
The Summer Garden (up to 150 persons)
Letná záhrada - party stan zvonka
The Backyard (up to 20 persons)

Joined with the Small Private Room and the Large Private Room, the Restaurant and the adjacent dance floor can easily provide room for a wedding party of about 80 persons. If a greater capacity is required, though, you can always take advantage of the air-conditioned Terrace to increase the total capacity to as many as 150 persons.

If you are ready to make a booking or just wish to learn more information on the ŠARIŠ PARK Restaurant rooms, please call our operator or email us on prevadzkar@sarispark.sk.

Practical information

The following credit/debit cards are accepted in our Restaurant: VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, EuroCard/Master¬Car­d, MasterCard Electronic, American Express, Dinners Club International, Bank Card Association of the Slovak Republic [BCA].
We accept the following meal vouchers: Le Cheque dejeuner, DOXX, Edenred Slovakia (Accor), Ticket Restaurant, VAŠA Slovensko, Gastro Pass from SODEXO PASS SR.

Book a table or room in ŠARIŠ PARK:

– by phone: +421 51 747 04 22 daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
- by email: recepcia@sarispark.sk or prevadzkark@sarispark.sk

Please, note that bookings are considered confirmed only upon written notice of confirmation sent to your email address.

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